This is cleaned chat, slides, video and audio uploaded from the "Cross Boundary Bus"
meeting held on 15th December 2021 ... at

Key action - absolute top urgent imperative ...

Write to Baroness Vere of Norbiton, your MP and your Local Transport Authority
to express immediate extreme concern at the loss of bus services over coming
months due to the ack of short term emergency funding.

The upshot is that:

1. We have agreed that there should be a group framework with 24/7 equivelants from 
across the region.  Dan Norris embraced but must be cross party.

2. We must publicise and lobby: write to MP's on 5 and investigate a reception promoting 
maintenance of backbone services threatened by COVID patronage drop (similar to BRG)

3. Message the passenger impact story on the media including parish mags 

4. We must bring CT into the mix for cross pollination

5. Convene a meeting including operators 
(Faresaver, Stagecoach, First, Go-Ahead, Abus) for January

I see a suggestion "date of next meeting" for as early as 4th Jan 2022 and it
does make sense to pick this up very early indeed in the New Year.

-- Graham ( with parts from Bryony

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