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Option 24/7 and the Melksham Transport User Group will have an electric bus (from The Big Lemon of Brighton) in Melksham on Saturday, 17th September, 2022, for route testing.

We are inviting you to take a ride on the bus and see what the future may bring to the town.

Melksham Bus Route 16 will serve

Melksham Railway Station -->
 Supermarkets -->
  Town Centre -->
   Residential Areas -->
    Local Centres -->
     Surgeries -->
      New Developments -->
       Industry -->
        Hotel -->
         Police Station

On 17th, the bus will leave Melksham Station shortly after the arrival of trains at 10:00 and 11:30 (from Swindon and Chippenham) and at 14:30 (from Trowbridge and Westbury). It will also leave from Melksham Market Place at 10:15, 11:45, 13:45, 14:45 and 15:45. RSVP by email to to book a seat. Please let us know:
1. Which service (from the Market Place or Station) you would prefer to ride on.
2. Whether you will be bringing a guest or coming alone.

Our proposal for the near future (what we are testing) is for a scheduled public bus service to run hourly from the Railway Station via the Town Centre, Sandridge Road, East Melksham, Pathfinder Way and the Bowerhill and Hampton Park Industrial Areas to the Police Station, with the bus to arrive at the railway station to connect to and from trains, and to serve the industrial areas just before and after work (shift) times. There will be extensions to Asda and to Berryfield.

Please note:
* Journeys on 17th will only pick up passengers at the Market Place and Railway Station
* Pre-booking necessary and capacity limited.
* There will be more space available on afternoon journeys.
* We will endeavour to run on time, but please bear in mind these are test journeys
* Test journeys include extra stops and will be slower than routine service.

ClimateFest (on 17th September) which this demonstration and route testing was scheduled to coincide with has been postponed to 2nd October, and the Melksham Transport User Group and Option 24/7 will be there too, to promote and answer your questions on public transport. We understand and agree the reason for postponing ClimateFest; our route testing proceeds, in muted form.

Thicker lines:
Yellow - Main route "16" for 17th September 2022
Green - Future Variations from main route
Magenta - Other routings for occasional journeys

Thinner lines:
Cyan - Routes served by town bus routes
Coral - Routes served by intertown buses